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Site surveying / auditing and consultation (including liaison with outsourcing) to fully identify and understand your organisation’s business and technical network objectives it is our responsibility. TECHNOBOOK as a one of the pioneers in providing I.T consultancy and solutions on various platforms and the leading provider of information technology, consulting and business process services.

Online support

The 24/7 I.T Support Center is the first point of contact for many I.T applications and services . Our I.T staff are available seven days a week, and are ready to help address any computer or technical concerns you have! in case of viruses problems  or if you have any problem with your operating system. connect your computer to the internet, then you can contact the team at our support center for assistance.

network services

The network is the backbone of every modern business. We've considerable network experience and to put that in context our entire managed service operation hinges on the performance and reliability of our own network. TECHNOBOOK Network Services embrace everything from straightforward point-to-point connectivity to full network design. Our 'enhanced MPLS' network service meets a fundamental business need - that your network must be much more than 'just a piece of wire'.

Data Services

As you collect more and more data from the marketplace, your customers and from every part of your organization, you need the tools to store it, secure it and, most importantly, extract have a backup from it. We will help you to keep your database organized, managed and saved.


Today, the security landscape has grown substantially more complex. The evolution of a highly networked, data-intensive computing model has introduced significant security risks to IT infrastructures. And, the increasing prevalence of social, mobile, virtualization and cloud technologies present a profound security challenge. We will provide you with the proper solution to have a secured network and workstations from any outside/inside attack.

Hospitality Systems

Our fundamental approach to projects is consultative by nature, calling upon many combined years of experience to assist hotel owners and operators gain the maximum possible return from business processes and from investments in I.T assets. Systems implementations present many challenges affecting multiple departments across a hotel organization. Front Office, Reservations, Finance, Sales & Marketing, F&B and senior management teams may all be heavily involved, whilst continuing to run their departments without business interruption.