Connecting You to Success
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If you need a local managed service provider to remove the headache of running back-end IT infrastructures, maintaining equipment, upgrading software and finding solutions when something goes wrong, TECHNOBOOK that’s were we swoop in.

TECHNOBOOK is a multi-service technology company serving hotel companies and the hospitality distribution industry since 2004, also started working with other industries since 2012.


Our Vision

Business is not a race, but indeed a journey. Be honest, work hard and expect customers to be discerning in their choice of partner. Let our handshake be worth more than words on a piece of paper. Do not engage in marketing hype or follow the crowd. Be bold. Be self-confident. Value experience and steady sure-footed evolution. Always offer the best advice, regardless of the sales outcome. Protect our customers from risk and never walk away from a problem. Be accountable. Believe in the sleeping giant, the lesser known brand, and let our record and our customers speak for us.


What We Do

TechnoBook brings to you many services for PC repair and performance optimization. These can be broadly categorized into the following:

  • Technical Assessment for the current and new opened Hotels & Companies.
  • Pre-opening Technical Consultancy for Corporate and Hotels.
  • Online Remotly Support.
  • Branded computer and software support.
  • Computer help & optimization.
  • Email support.
  • Network & Cyber Security Sulutions & Training.
  • Endpoint (Antivirus) and Information Security support.
  • Operating systems support (Windows Pro & Windows Server)
  • PC / Laptop security services.
  • (LAN) & (WAN) Product supply & Support ( Switch / Wi-Fi / Routers / Firewalls / VoIP)
  • Data management and backup solutions.
  • Network Monitoring and Analises Sultions.
  • Application Control and Critical Infrastructure Protection